What's better than an iPhone 6 Plus? One with PopSockets, the perfect mobile device accessory.

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Mobile devices seem to change with the seasons. For instance with phones, doesn't it seem that when you've finally updated your new phone's settings, installed your favorite apps and gotten used to the size of the device, a new version is immediately released? Case in point: the release of the new iPhone 6 Plus, which has larger dimensions than previous iPhones, will surely release a whole new line of device doodads to chose from. This not only means upgrading your phone, but it most likely also means getting a new case and any accessories you used with your old device, as well as getting used to the animal that is your new smart device.

There is one, ingenious, mobile device accessory that will not lose its effectiveness or become obsolete with the ever-changing technology, and will help you get a grip on your new device without a huge learning curve, and that's a PopSocket.

PopSockets are versatile and useful add-ons for devices that can easily be transferred from your outgoing technology to the new one with the same simple action that you would use to adjust a suction cup from one place to another. The PopTek adhesive pad at the base of the PopSocket's platform attaches to most phones, tablets, and phablet, by a thin layer of a reusable, residue-free, adhesive gel. No mess, no need to order new adhesive pads, and undeniably functional. 

When PopSockets are attached to your valuable high-tech apparatus they become attractive handles that supply better gripping possibilities, and increased comfort in holding your device. One attached PopSocket becomes an impromptu media stand, or a helpful handle for taking selfies, video chatting, and improved one-handed phone dexterity. Two PopSockets increase the stability of the device stand, which can be adjusted to your needs, as well as create the comfortable two-handed grip that some users desire for gaming and texting. Using two PopSockets also creates a great cord grip that keeps your headphones neat, organized and protected from stretching and wear and tear. Your hands will find the accordion-like collapsibility of PopSockets a fun tactile experience. This quality of design also makes the attachments seamless, without adding bulk or disfiguring your device. 

Check out all of the design options we have so you can get the perfect PopSocket that fits your personality and style.  

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