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Modern tablets, phones, and other devices are integrated into our daily lives, but nearly all have drawbacks when being held or used for displays. Even a task as simple as text messaging can become a chore, as there are only a few positions in which to naturally hold a given device. PopSockets allow you to get more out of your mobile device with a comfortable and easily repositioned phone grip and phone stand in one design.

PopSockets adhere to your device with a thin adhesive pad that is residue-free and can be repositioned at will. The clever accordion design allows you to extend them when needed and collapse them when not in use. Use them to support tablets or phones for video chats or presentations, or take better photos with a more stable and comfortable grip using just one hand.

PopSockets allow you to text easier and faster by providing a more natural grip, regardless of whether the device is in a vertical or horizontal orientation. You can also employ PopSockets as a convenient cord holder for your ear buds, solving the dreaded issue of tangled cords. PopSockets can even be used to hang your device from your waistband. Some of the additional uses include:

  • Holding large devices with one hand
  • Positioning your phone at an ideal angle for video demonstrations or video entertainment
  • Holding GoPro or other cameras
  • Exposing phone speaker for improved sound

PopSockets adjust to any hand size or position on device. There are custom color themes and over 100 design options available. PopSockets are compatible with nearly all devices and phones, depending the texture and type of finish. If you are not sure or have questions, feel free to check out or contact us today and find out what options we have for you. Open up a host of new abilities for your devices with a pair of PopSockets and get the most out of your mobile world.

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