Fun and Easy Craft Ideas For Your Thankgiving

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Once we grow out of grade school, Thanksgiving becomes more about delicious food and the fact that Christmas is just around the corner. However, if you have little ones and want to do more with them than just shoo them from the kitchen, try out these simple but cute ideas which differ from the usual traced-hand turkey.

Tabletop Turkey

With some paint, a pom-pom ball, some googly eyes, and a paper cup you can make a whole flock of adorable little table turkeys. Not only will your kids love making them, they would look cute scattered around the house and on the dinner table for the big meal. Go here for how to make them and an example picture.

Native Necklace

Teach your kids about Native American history while helping them make this simple and cute dreamcatcher necklace. All you need is a paper cup, cording, beads, a feather, and a bit of paint. Check here for detailed instructions. 


Not only are these craft paper ears of corn cute, they double as little treat bags. Use them as decoration then send your guests home with a little something to snack on later that night. Check here for instructions.

Feather Placemats

By tracing your dinner plates onto some paper, then gluing feathers around the edge you can create these cute feathery placemats. Add a fun twist by giving an item with a different type of feather to each guest when they arrive, telling them their spot at the table will correspond to the feathers on their item. For detailed instructions, click here.

Mini Maracas

Kids love things they can use to make noise, which is why your kids will love these miniature pumpkin maracas. With some paint, glue, dry beans, a popsicle stick, and an egg carton you can make batches of these and give them out to your guests or just let your kids enjoy them exclusively! Go here for further detail and instruction. 

Easy and Elegant Nature Note Cards

These note cards are easy enough for your kids to help out with and elegant enough to be used as place cards, thank you notes, and invitations for the fall holidays. Use metallic paint and really light or dark paper to make the intricate leaf patterns really stand out! Go here for instructions. 


Thanksgiving should be a time for the whole family. Try to set aside some time for you and your kids, do some crafts or ask them what they are thankful for in their lives. And while you're crafting, you can use Popsockets to keep your device propped up for hands-free viewing of these craft instructions, or some festive music videos on YouTube.  For more holiday tips tricks and advice, as well as excellent holiday gift ideas, keep checking back to our holiday blogs or feel free to contact us.   

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