Tips and Tricks That Will Help You Get A Grip On The Holidays

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Thanksgiving is just over a week away. That means non-stop marathons on TV and in the kitchen; the smells of cookies and other treats making their way around the house; and family and friends all gathering together while the kids are running around with astounding energy. There are often many moving parts, and not enough time or space to make it all happen seamlessly.  

Having a delicious meal to share with family and friends is one of the joys of the holiday season, and we know it's also one of the stresses. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep the jolly in your holiday while still being able to roast that turkey just right.

  •  Have A Plan Of Action

Master chefs do it, so why not you? Take your counter space, refrigerator space, and stove top into consideration when making plans for the holiday meal. Hot foods should stay hot, cold foods should stay cold, and there should be plenty of space for both in their proper places before the meal is served. Considering timing everything just right, so it's all warm and ready at about the same time. Who wants piping hot rolls with stone cold turkey?

  • Proper Temperatures; Don't Just Guess

In the kitchen, there are a lot of things you can just eyeball and guess at. Temperature is not one of them. You want to make sure all meats are cooked to proper internal temperatures, so its best to get an accurate reading by using a meat thermometer.

  • Thorough Hand Washing

Wash hands thoroughly and often, avoiding contaminating the spring salad with that pork roast you just put in the oven.

  • Defrost Everything Properly

It is recommended 24 hours per five pounds of weight to defrost a turkey in the refrigerator. You wouldn't think this is a big deal but it could mean the difference between your turkey being cooked in time, and also not burning your house down if you attempt to toss a frozen bird into hot oil.

  • One Man Show

It is recommended that guests (and kids) stay out of the kitchen. Too much clutter and too many distractions can lead to burnt dressing (and fingers!) To keep guests occupied,have some appetizers in the other room that guests can nibble on while you have the kitchen to yourself. It'll also keep the kids off your phone or device you're reading the recipes from, propped up on your counter via your PopSocket.  By keeping your device nicely propped up in the kitchen, you'll have easy access to tips and instructions on every dish you are creating for your lucky guests.  Or maybe your device is tuned to your favorite holiday station to set the mood as each dish comes out perfectly.  

Following a few tips can make the holidays go by smoothly and with little stress. For more ways PopSockets can fit into your holiday plans, keep checking back to our blog for weekly updates throughout the holidays.  

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