The PopSockets Blog Gets A Makeover

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2015 will be a big year for PopSockets.  We’re excited, we know you’re excited, and now we’re ready to make some big things happen.  We must start small, however, and one of our first initiatives will be revamping our blog.  The goals behind this blog are to update users with the latest and greatest PopSockets news, to offer tips and tricks on getting the most out of your PopSocket, and to provide content that is both useful and relevant to our readers.  In order to meet these goals to the best of our abilities we welcome any and all feedback.  We want to know what it is YOU want to read about.  If a blog is helpful for you let us know.  If it’s totally irrelevant, we want to know that too.  If you have questions or want to let us know how you use your PopSocket, we want to hear it.  We hope you enjoy the blog posts to come, and hope that your new year has POPed off to a great start!


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